#123 – Zelinsky At The Capital Theater

The Show
A recent headliner at the US Capitol Theater was a hideous man. It was Zelensky, a sweatshirt and cargo pants-clad ex-comedian turned President. The crowd of Representatives and Senators applauded relentlessly and uproariously as visions of billions danced in their heads as the corrupt clown bloviated from the podium. The con man recited lines written by neocon/NATO puppet masters with just the right amount of Ukrainian accent to seduce his patrons.

He is a shameless man. He is ungrateful for the billions he has already stolen. The theme rendered from the tinny poseur was – not enough. Washington has authorized $65 billion of economic and military aid, with other NATO nations throwing in $32 billion additional. On top of that, the Omnibus Abomination will authorize $45 billion more. This despicable man wants more.

Zelensky’s rhetoric has nothing in common; with humanity, the security of the free world, or the safety and liberty of the American homeland. Zelensky kept repeating lies; about the rule of law, the sovereignty of borders, and the freedom of the peoples of Ukraine and their neighbors.

Let me be clear this war is not about freedom and democracy. Ukraine is an authoritarian, corrupt country. Zelensky has shut down or taken over all opposition press. His opponents have been arrested or killed. There are no longer any opposition parties, his national security apparatus has purged dissenters, and he has even attacked the Russian Orthodox Church.

A Walk Down Memory-hole Lane
The present Ukranian-Russian War is a civil war in which Russia chose to intervene. The civil war was instigated in 2014 by the illegitimate government installed in Kyiv after a Washington coup d’ tat against the duly elected and Russian-friendly President. Washington intervened in response to the last legitimate election held in Ukraine. The Russian-friendly candidate, Yanukovych, won the 2010 national election. The election outlined two separate political and cultural regions in Ukraine. It was the democratic votes of the people that drew those borders.

Yanukovych had a 60-90% margin in the east and south against the Ukrainian nationalist candidate, Tymoshenko, who won the center and west by similar 60-90% margins. The Washington-backed victors set these two regions against each other. The new regime was not tolerant of the long-standing regional differences in language, religion, ethnicity, and economics.

The Russian-speaking populations of Crimea, the Donbas, and the Black Sea coastal areas sought separation owing to fears of repression by the Ukrainian nationalist and neo-Nazi politicians who took control of the government in Kyiv. The latter brought the bloody violence of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including the overtly neo-Nazi Azov Brigade, down upon them.

The Kyiv-instigated civil war against the Russian-speaking populations of eastern and southern Ukraine raged on for eight years before Putin finally responded to their pleas for overt military assistance. Upwards of 14,000 separatist military and civilian personnel had been killed by Kyiv’s violent onslaught against this population.

Fission – As In Cellular – Not Nuclear
Yugoslavia did it, Czechoslovakia did it, and all the affected populations are far better off. It’s now time for the borders created by Lenin from New Russia and parts and pieces of the Czarist empire and post-WWI Galicia, by Stalin from WWII era Poland, Hungary, and Romania, and by Khrushchev to dissolve. Let the inhabitants of this region figure it out.

Zelensky and his bloodthirsty Ukraine destroyers will not go away quietly. Give them safe passage to transport themselves and the billions they have stolen from American taxpayers and socked away in secret bank accounts to safe havens far from the homelands they have destroyed. Chase and prosecute later after a negotiated settlement. Just don’t give them more money and destructive equipment. Any introduction of nuclear weapons will be too late. Please save the planet now. That is the price I’m willing to pay to see Zelinsky go away.


# 122 – President Zelensky – He Is In Good Company

“President Zelensky has just been named by Time magazine “politician of the year 2022”. It is not to have realized his coup de force of July, in favor of the war. He had all the political parties that opposed him banned; assassinated the personalities who resisted him; controlled all the media, written, audiovisual and internet; banned the Russian language; destroyed 100 million books; confiscated many of the assets of the oligarchs, including the one who personally financed him; nationalized the assets of Russian investors and companies; and finally banned the Orthodox Church.” Thierry Meyssan Political consultant, President-founder of the Réseau Voltaire Network (Translation Roger Lagassé)

Thierry Meyssan’s recent article https://www.voltairenet.org/article218518.html expounds upon the above statements. It is sad that the corporate U.S. Mainstream News continues to propagate the lie that this man is a good model for the Liberal, Rule Based Democracy farce. In reality, Zelinsky has proven to be a profitable asset for the weapons industry, he and his corrupt cronies, population control, and propaganda shills like Time. 

Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the United States’ most senior general, said last month, “over 100,000 Russian soldiers killed and wounded,” then added, “Same thing probably on the Ukrainian side.” According to General Milley, the Russian invasion had also killed about 40,000 Ukrainian civilians and displaced 15 million to 30 million. Time’s Person Of The Year could have prevented the Russian invasion. Instead, he chose war over diplomacy.

President Zelensky will join an eclectic group of former winners of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. The list includes; Chiang Kai-shek, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin (twice), Richard Nixon (twice), Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump.