001 -Cut and Run

Global War – That means worldwide

The Brussels bombing was a tragedy. Innocent people killed for what? Civilians are always the most numerous victims of war. Make no mistake, the dead in Brussels are victims of the war on terrorism. These unfortunate souls were caught in a crossfire on a global war battlefield. To prevent the killing of more civilians they have to be removed from the battlefields. Here is the dilemma. If we have a global war on terrorism then the entire globe is the battlefield. Since the removal of civilians, from the battleground is impossible, then the only other solution is to eliminate the battleground. This is achieved through peace. When war is eliminated battleground disappear.

If two roads diverged in a wood, why not take the one less traveled?

Peace is the only solution to eliminate the carnage taking place on battlefields such as Paris, Brussels and other place where innocent people are slaughtered.  How can this be achieved? Walk away! Critics might call this a cowardly policy but even a neocon hero like Ronald Reagan understood that wars must end to protect the vulnerable.  click here (When Reagan Cut and Run)  

Political sound bites become policy 

When George Bush ll declared a war on terrorism the battlefield became global.  NATO endorsed this declaration and so did most of our other allies. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libia, Syria are not local wars, they are the battlefield for our global war on terrorism. This declaration of war has put the United States on the wrong side of history. A global war on terrorism has justified an interventionist policy that rivals the Great Roman Empire’s actions. Does this War on Terrorism justify our invasion of Iraq? Does it justify our reason for still maintaining a military force  in Afghanistan?  Our regime change promotions in Libia or Syria? The list goes on.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

Blowback is a term, coined by the CIA,  used to explain a retaliatory action taken by a group, an organization or people. Just as Bush’s declaration of war was a reaction to 9/11, Paris and Brussels are more recent examples of blowback. Support and participation in bellicose behavior kills the innocent. I am not justifying these two events all I am doing is pointing out the logical connection to illogical actions.

“If I catch any of you guys in my stuff I’ll kill ya!” Lighten up Francis

As painful as it may be I would like to revisit 9/11.  Contrary to popular belief it was not a random act of terrorism. It was blowback. From what? From the 1st Gulf War. The terrorist on those planes were a who’s who of the Saudi’s  “Most Likely to be Beheaded” list. Their atrocities were predicated in the retaliation for land occupation by the United States.  More specific the United States building military bases and maintaining an active military presence in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait prior, during and after the 1st Gulf War. The Wahabi takes “infidel” occupation of their sacred land very serious.

War what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

We are spiraling, out of control, heading towards World War lll. Can we pull out of this death spiral before it is too late? Killing is wrong, more killing is more wrong. The neocons will call for more troops, more bombs, more wars, more killings and the annihilation of ISIS. Every time we intervene in local issues to “fix it” we make it worse. Assess our most recent endeavors: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Vietnam. Any civil minded person grading these “fixes” would conclude that we have failed. Our “fixes” have often produced worse conditions. ISIS was hatched in the aftermath of the Iraqi  “fix”.

Pete and Repete  What happens if Repete falls?

My first car was a 1966 Chevy Bel-air. By 1980 it was burning a massive amount of oil, it got terrible gas mileage and the costs to maintain it were increasing daily. Every repair that I paid for I would justify it by saying “this fix will be the last fix”. However, the fixes were becoming more frequent and the safety of the car more suspect. I had a choice, cut and run or continue to be a slave to my glorious machine. Rather than spending money that I did not have I decided to sell my hazardous car.  It just made sense. Cut and run. Was that cowardly?


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