#31 Impeachment – “It ain’t the meat it’s motion, it’s the movement it isn’t the stock”

The impeachment frenzy is the result of an intervention by the intelligence community into the domestic political affairs of the United States. The ongoing impeachment proceedings is predicated upon a politicized CIA agent’s (whistleblower?) complaint. This is the issue that should be deeply concerning, not some expansive definition of a quip pro quo.

The attempted removal of an elected president from office, initiated in secrecy, by a member of the intelligence community acting well outside his legal responsibilities threatens the viability of the American constitutional republic.

The issues being investigated by the House Intelligence Committee is the smokescreen used to conceal the shady, if not criminal, process by which these proceedings have been initiated. The whistleblower should be identified, called before the House Intelligence Committee, and other relevant Congressional committees, and be compelled to answer for his actions.

“Impeachment is a constitutional remedy afforded to the U.S. Congress to deal with the political issues surrounding the conduct of a sitting president. If this constitutional remedy can be triggered by the intelligence community in a manner which obviates laws prohibiting the intrusion of intelligence agencies into the domestic political affairs of the United States, and done so in a manner where the identities of the persons and organizations involved, along with their possible motives, are shielded from both American people and those whom they elect to represent them in Congress, then a precedent will have been set for future interventions of this nature which undermine the very foundation of American democracy.” Scott Ritter

Honest investigative journalism should be the narrative of our mainstream media, not the sophomoric infatuation and naive compliance with the cretinous intelligence community that exists today.

Oh, here’s one to be Thankful:



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