#38 – The Bowl Season – “Toilet Bowl”

The “Toilet Bowl”

The holiday season is bowl season for the fan of college football. For those of us that are fans of politics we have been treated to the Congressional Impeachment Bowl. This bowl differs from a football game because the final result has already been determined. The winner is the government and the loser is the citizens but it makes for good entertainment. My father in law use to refer to many of the college bowls as “Toilet Bowls.”

The Congressional Impeachment Bowl has been staged before a public audience, with play by play furnished by the announcers of your choice. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, New York Times whatever partisan view you prefer, you the viewer can choose. The Democrats and Republicans actors are convincing in their roles. Many of their fans believe that they are fighting for the interests of “our” team. Viewed through the eyes of the nonpartisan they more resemble pro-wrestlers than college football players.

While the US media has been mesmerized by the field performances of the Congressional Bowl actors, these prima donnas have been quite busy on the sidelines passing bills like the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act. The nearly 3,500-page bill authorizes $738 billion in defense spending in Fiscal Year 2020. That is a hell of a playbook to read while engaged is their performance. I can see why they might have over looked a little detail or two. Let me rant.

A “Space Force,” to expand the empire into the cosmos, continuing to allow government kidnapping (“terrorist”-Guantanamo) and letting the president send American troops into combat. You know, that guy the House just impeached. However, these moral performers did show their grit by discarding the Constitution, once again, to protect our children by raising the unconstitutional federal age to buy cigarettes to 21, “its all about the children.” By the way, those 18 year olds are the children you let the president sent off to our unconstitutional wars.

However, those Congress-critters hammered out a $1.4 trillion spending agreement with the Trump administration. The agreement, “fills in the details of a bipartisan framework from July that delivered about $100 billion in agency spending increases over the coming two years instead of automatic spending cuts that would have sharply slashed both the Pentagon and domestic agencies.”

So, Congress continued to ignore the Constitution by agreeing not to enforce its monopoly of declaring war before sending U.S. military to conduct offensive combat operations. They extended the NDAA provisions written into the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, to authorize the arrest and “indefinite detention” of anybody the president decides might be associated with “terrorism” and subject them to the law of war. They handed out $1.4 trillion while declaring that 18 years olds can “Kill for us, but don’t get caught smoking.” Toilet Bowl indeed!


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