#49 – Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Liberty

Is It A Knowledge Problem?

If you can drown out the fear-inducing noise spewing from the TV, (yeah team) “keep your eyes peeled,” you might see how more liberty creates more problem solvers. Studying pre-progressive history, before Wilson, of the United State you realize that it was open markets that made America great, not restrictions, licenses, certificates, and any other bureaucratic special interest legislation. 

In this COVID-19 crisis, it is interesting to witness the political elites using their executive power to actually waive laws and bypass regulations. The lesson learned should be, when the market place becomes more free and open, problems get solved. It is a simple supply and demand issue.

Take the problem of moving goods quicker and more efficiently to the public consumer. In Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott waived oversize and overweight restrictions for commercial trucks. He also suspended requirements to register commercial trucks under the International Registration Plan or to obtain temporary registration. The only stipulation attached to his actions is that the truck must be registered in another US state.

To make prepared food more available for the self-imposed, quarantined or sequestered people, Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh, lifted the permitting process for restaurants to have a take-out service. Now every restaurant can offer carry-out service. New York City suspended its enforcement of illegal e-bikes during the crisis to accommodate for the influx of delivery orders.

Grocery demands have made it essential for supermarket companies like H-E-B, Kroger, and Randall’s to hire thousands of additional staff. Some states have stopped enforcement of expired Resident and Driveway Parking permits, enabling the supply chains for these supermarkets to meet their need. Grocers like H-E-B have reach levels of 1,300 trucks a day to supply their stores.

Communities have suspended required building permits for “minor work,” like plumbing, electrical, mechanical, fire, and building as long as contractors alert the city of the work they intend to do. It has clear, that lifting regulations do not put public health or safety in jeopardy. So, why do the regulatory burdens exist?

Non-essential Roadblock

What bureaucrat or authority has the knowledge to determines what is “nonessential” or “essential” production? When hand sanitizer ran short, distilleries started making it. Hanes turned from making underwear to making masks. There are many examples of creative solutions that can be found. What if the whiskey and underwear industries had been shut down because they were deemed nonessential?

Keep your eyes peeled for liberty breaking out!


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