#54 -Washington’s “Musketeers” In Venezuela

Washington’s Three Musketeers

Since Attorney General William Barr’s, March 26th, inditement and $15 million bounty on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Washington’s Musketeers have been busy preparing for a “transitional government”.

On March 31, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, presented the White House proposal for a “transitional government,” in Venezuela, until the holding of new elections. The plan would exclude both Maduro and opposition leader Guaidó from holding power.

The phrase “transitional government” appears to be Washington’s newest buzz word for a coup. You may recall, the White House also used “transitional government” describing Bolivia’s Añez illegitimate administration they helped to impose.

Añez came to power in November thanks to the U.S. supported a coup against President Evo Morales. That “transitional government” has since massacred protestors, pulled Bolivia out of multiple international treaties and indefinitely suspended elections.

Earlier in April, President Trump announced U.S. Navy ships being deployed to waters near Venezuela. This move initiated one of the largest U.S. military operations in the region since the 1989 attack and invasion of Panama.

On Saturday, April 11th, the American envoy for Venezuela, coup specialist *Elliott Abrams warned that if Maduro resisted the implementation of the US proposed “transition government” plan it will be more “dangerous and abrupt”. If you do not move ahead, “you will see more pressure on Caracas from the United States and I think from others,” he specified.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced, “the goal is to replace [President Nicolas] Maduro’s illegitimate dictatorship with a legitimate transitional government that can hold free and fair elections to represent all Venezuelans. It is time for Maduro to go.”

Failed Previous Attempts

Trump has been ramping up the Obama sanctions. These sanctions are responsible for over 100,000 Venezuelan deaths. The American U.N. Special Rapporteur recently compared the sanctions to a medieval siege and declared Trump guilty of crimes against humanity.

April 11th just so happens to be exactly 18 years after the U.S. supported a briefly successful coup against Hugo Chavez, the predecessor to Maduro. Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that the April 2002 coup leaders had traveled back and forth to Washington D.C. several times in the months leading up to the event. Those coup leaders had received counsel and training from American officials.

The U.S. coups attempt did not end in 2002. Since then, Washington has been targeting Venezuela’s national election in attempts to remove the United Socialist Party from power. The US has refused to accept the validity of the presidential elections in 2013 and 2018. Washington has funded the domestic opposition parties for two decades and has approved several other, less successful, coups attempts. The 2014 and 2017 waves of terrorist violence, a failed 2018 assassination of Maduro, and four separate coup attempts last year by self-declared president Juan Guaidó.

“All For One, One For All”

Barr, Abrams, and Pompeo have given the three musketeer motto “All for one, One for all”, a different meaning.  Alexandre Dumas’ musketeers were heroic, chivalrous swordsmen who fought for justice. Washington’s musketeers fall short of that!


*For decades, Elliott Abrams’ has been abusing the power of the U.S. government, overtly and covertly, to overthrow sovereign states through coups, sanctions, and genocides. From his first accomplishments as Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs when he covered up the El Mozote massacre in El Salvador, conducted by a death squad created, armed and trained by Washington to his architectural work in the “dirty wars,” genocides and regime changes in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Panama.






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