#64 Talk Backwards

Talk Backwards

In the 1970’s the great but late Steve Goodman wrote a song “Talk Backwards”. The song just keeps on repeating itself in my head. 

“Hey everybody wherever you are

There’s a new way of talking and it’s gonna go far;

You take the letters in the words,

Turn ’em all around; you say the last ones first

And you check out the sound

Talk Backwards”  

Check Out The Sound

Rep. Ayanna Pressley, called for the Black Lives Matter protests; ”to continue, … unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives.”

Just a few months ago, during the BLM riots, members of Congress portrayed police officers as racist rabble. Accusation of “police brutality” rang through the temple of our democracy. 

In June 2020, Rep. Kamala Harris voiced support for the BLM protests. She said, “that they’re not going to let up, and they should not, and we should not.” Reports indicate that she even contributed to bail funds for the BLM rioters.

It just took an uninvited mob entering Congress’ sacred temple to change that cavalier attitude.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi scorned the intrusion as a “desecration of this, our temple of Democracy.” Temple? I did not realize that members of congress were gods. 

Temple? Maybe she meant they are prophets of democracy. That would explain why the infidels who entered the Capitol chose, “their whiteness over democracy.” 

Some have called the Capitol the “fortress of democracy,” “the people’s house” and are calling for harsh measures of revenge on those people who set foot inside in their own house.

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer compared the January 6th “coup” to Pearl Harbor and a “day of infamy.” Schumer complained that the “temple to democracy was desecrated…our offices vandalized” the rioters were able to “stalk these hallowed halls.” 

Sen. Cory Booker compared an incursion that did break windows and furniture, with the 1814 British invasion that torched the Capitol.

Politicians like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said, “We came close to half of the House nearly dying” from the attackers. 

President-elect Biden said that the protestors’ action was “an assault on the citadel of liberty: the Capitol itself….An assault on the rule of law.”

“Never can tell, one of these nights

Those who talk backwards will demand their rights.

They’ll rise up angry and get a solution

In the form of an amendment to the constitution,

That guarantees ’em freedom of reverse elocution;

And then every T.V. show that airs

Will have to be captioned for the forward impaired”

Explain For The Forward Impaired

Why the hyperbolic enhancements of one protest while pandering for another protest? Why similar acts of violence are not equal. Why will some protesters be severely punished while others overlooked? Do the gods of Congress believe this is the American way?

Did the Washington “coup” do more or less destruction than a SWAT team’s no-knock raid? Like the ones that happen thousands of times a year in American neighborhoods across the land. 

Remember 1984, the Supreme Court entitled government agents to intrude onto private land without a search warrant as long as they did not venture into areas where individuals were involved in “intimate activities”. “No Trespassing” signs no longer applied to G-men but they do for protestors. 

Did those that “stalked these hallowed halls” steal more secret and personal information than the National Security Agency -NSA vacuumed up from millions of Americans’ emails? 

Remember it is your congressional appropriations that allows for the NSA to continue to destroy all Americans’ privacy. Remember when Edward Snowden exposed NSA documents showing that the agency surveillance on anyone “searching the web for suspicious stuff“? What happens to protection for whistleblowers like Snowden?

Were more killed in the “day of infamy” raid than the violence perpetrated by U.S. military forces that Congress allows to continue. 

Remember we are now engaged in combat in 14 nations. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/03/opinion/american-troops-yemen.html

Did the “desecrators of the temple” cause more disruption than the blockades of medical supplies and nourishments that the US government has imposes on Yemen, Syria, Venezuela, Iran, and other nations. 

Remember that around 80 percent of Yemenis rely on aid, and 13.5 million people face acute food insecurity. 

Tragically this “white-lash” take-over killed people. Did it kill more people than the sanctions and blockades on foreign countries that you allow?

Remember an estimated 40,000 people died in Venezuela as a result of US sanctions that stopped ordinary citizens access to food, medicine and medical equipment. 


Will the money spent to repair the damages the vandals caused at the Capital cut into Congress’ funding of the military complex?

Remember $21 trillion will be pumped into the Pentagon to allow the United States military to drops an average of one explosive once every 12 minutes. Does that seem odd because we’re technically at war with zero countries.


Give us your best Reverse Elocution for these issues.


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