#83 – It’s Not About The Vaccine!

It’s Not About The Vaccine

In a January executive order, President Joe Biden directed federal agencies to “assess the feasibility” of linking a digital verification of vaccine to the existing international paper certificate.

IBM responded with a new blockchain-based vaccine management system that appears as friendly as the Uber app. “We’re at a time with vaccines that are a bit like hailing a cab a few years ago,” Chris Moose, a partner in the Healthcare and Life Sciences group at IBM Services, said in a recent interview with Industrious. “You used to just call a cab and know it was going to show up eventually. With all the apps, suddenly you knew how long it would be, who was coming, where from, you could communicate along the way. With COVID, that’s what we’ve needed, an execution engine.”

Exactly when you call for a vaccine passport app suddenly your data is openly distributed; height, weight, religion, political party, medical history, political ideology, along with vaccine information, not to mention the tracking abilities that are “communicate along the way.”

In December, IBM proposed an open-source vaccine management system built on the existing blockchain framework. Dr. William Kassler, chief medical officer of Watson Health, “We are challenged by not only the complexities of the cold chain, of multiple doses, of a mass vaccination campaign that has never been attempted. We are likewise challenged by an atmosphere of distrust and vaccine hesitancy, some of which has been building for years.”

Yah, an experimental substance, m-RNA protein, technically not a vaccine, injected into our body to reduce the symptoms of a viral infection with a pre-vaccine recovery rate between 97% and 99.75%. (Reported Aug 7, 2020) Yes, there may be some “distrust and vaccine hesitancy.”

“We can identify those populations where they live and what messages are likely to resonate with them,” Dr. Kassler said. “Do they trust doctors? Their peers? Their leaders and institutions? We can craft our outreach around that.” Thus empowering these agents to abuse trust, a human weakness, to deceive and manipulate.

“If we learned our lesson, if we make investments in technology and procedures and changes in practice, it can leave us stronger…for future emergencies and future pandemics, which will inevitably come,” Dr. Kassler said.

Lesson I

In 2001 investigative journalist Edwin Black in his book, IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and one of America’s Most Powerful Corporation, details the business dealings between the American-based multinational corporation IBM and the German government of Adolf Hitler. In the book, published in 2001, Black outlined the IBM technology that helped facilitate Nazi genocide through the generation and tabulation of punch cards based upon national census data.

The 1933 German census, with design help and tabulation services provided by IBM through its German subsidiary, proved to be pivotal to the Nazis in their efforts to identify, isolate, and ultimately destroy the German Jewish minority. The IBM Machine-tabulated census data greatly expanded the estimated number of Jews in Germany by identifying individuals with Jewish ancestors of past generations.

Lesson II

The United States Census Bureau, another data collection industry, also guaranteed confidentiality. It was their data that assisted the internment efforts by providing specific individual census data on Japanese Americans.

During World War II, the United States Census Bureau assisted the Japanese American internment efforts by providing confidential neighborhood information on Japanese-Americans. IBM subcontractor collected “standard demographic information” about age, sex, education, occupation, family size, medical history, criminal record, and other data.

The other data included categories that linked individuals to Japan, such as years of residence and education in Japan. In other words, data to make it easy for the War Relocation Authority to track and round up US-Japanese for internment camps.

Lesson III

How about a lesson on the political usage of the Census Bureau data? In 1918, the Census Bureau released individual information regarding several hundred young men to the Justice Department and Selective Service system for prosecutions for draft evasion.

A New York State of Mind

I am guessing that Governor Herr Cuomo is not a student of history. Cuomo and New York State are piloting a smartphone app called Excelsior Pass to verify vaccination status or recent negative COVID-19 test for entry into events at the Barclays Center or Madison Square Garden. The “Excelsior Pass” has been a partnership between New York State and IBM.

Excelsior Pass is herald as the next step toward a thoughtful, science-based reopening. What could go wrong? It’s “voluntary,” but New York State officials are making it clear that not participating in the program will result in an individual exclusion from societal events.

The “Excelsior Pass” mobile application will display a green checkmark if the person received a vaccination or tested negative for COVID-19. A red “x” means they have not met this standard. The app permits a user to download the confirmation of their vaccination or test collected from a network of providers.

The plan is that the digital card/passport gets scanned upon entry into a stadium, business, country, etc. Color coding and visuals have proven helpful when rounding up the misfortunate in society or shutting them out. Scarlet letters and the yellow star of David come to mind.

IBM – A New Leaf

Matt A.V. Chaban Content Producer, at IBM Industries, clarifies their mission, “And as data grows on who is getting the vaccine, it can be fed back into the system. Using cloud-based AI analysis, an organization could then determine the communities that are either missing out on the vaccine or resisting it.”

The word resisting indicates a push back on a required proposition or force. The word choosing refers to having options, also known as liberty. Mr. Chaban verbiage calls for unmasking and identifying those that are “missing out” or “resisting.” Unfortunately, Chaban’s view is the prevailing narrative heard from the federal and state governments, medical, media and general indoctrinated population.

The Tin-Hat Explanation

Naomi Wolf is an American liberal, feminist, author, and journalist. Wolf is considered a conspiracy theorist by multiple mainstream media sources. For my standard, that is good enough to listen to her ideas. She says what she believes, not what the “cathedral” preaches.

Wolf claims, “they’re trying to roll it out around the world. It is so much more than a vaccine pass. I can’t stress this enough. It has the power to turn off your life. Or turn on your life. To let you engage in civil society or be marginalized. It’s catastrophic. It cannot be allowed to continue.”

Medical passports would be another tool for governmental authority and surveillance. Requiring electronic proof of vaccination for everyday life functions, traveling, or admission is tyrannical. Disparities between those vaccinated and those choosing not will create a new threat to privacy and the liberty to participate in ordinary activities.

Wolf explains, “vaccine passports sound like a fine thing if you don’t know what those platforms can do. I’m CEO of a tech company, I understand what this platform does. It’s not about the vaccine it’s not about the virus it’s about data. And once this rolls out you don’t have a choice about being part of the system. What people have to understand is that any other functionality can be loaded onto that platform with no problem at all.”

Previous data collection/verification campaigns have proven disastrous for human rights. Data collection campaigns of 1918, 1943, and 1933 Germany precipitated imprisonment, relocation, and death. Las Vegas, odds are heavily stacked against liberty and freedom. I am still rooting for the underdog. It’s Not About The Vaccine!


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