#107 – Fauci Science! It’s Not About A Vaccine

Keep The Public Ignorant

When science takes root in the minds of the American community, it is defended with vigor by some. Dissenting opinions are squelched. Sometimes self-censored other times silenced by the machinations of an authority. The truth is restricted, minds close, ignorance survives, and mainstream media provides fodder. Hell, even the “science of eugenics” was the darling of the ruling class until hijacked by Hitler. 

Today, an echo chamber surrounds the virus ignorant with voices of affirmation with hostility toward any exchange of thoughts and feelings. The voice of Dr. Anthony Faucis is the most powerful, dominant, loudest, and corrupt of these voices. Listen to the science is their favorite adage. But the science he speaks is the result of flawed, unethical, and corrupted clinical endorsements of his cronies over the past 40 years.

Little effort is required to keep a false narrative alive when the opposition is missing or canceled. Education gets edited to conceal the truth. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in his book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, exposes a litany of situations that depict Fauci as a corrupt psychopathic shill for Big Pharma.

In the world of Anthony Fauci, big Pharma gets protection, profits prioritized, and innocent individuals are killed or damaged. Many of his nefariously flawed clinical trials result in needless death. Fauci’s exploitation of the helpless may be best exemplified by examining his machinations, after the discovery, of a new novel virus. He did it during the HIV epidemic and has repeated the same strategy with the covid pandemic.  

Induce Fear

The first play, in the Fauci playbook, is to induce fear. Some of his favorite actions include; abuse the data, changing definitions, and seizing the media. Specifically; PCR testing at 45 cycles, dying with covid instead of dying of covid, a continued count for covid deaths, change the definition of vaccine, slandering of drugs proven to lower symptoms of covid, and with the help of the social media giants, cancel any opposition.

Discredit Existing Non-Patterned Drugs

The second step in his playbook is to prove that no medications or treatments exist in the current Pharma arsenal of drugs and vaccines because existing non-patterned drugs sold genetically drastically lower the profit margins of the Pharma giants. So, the race to develop an approved drug or vaccine creates a frenzy of competition to obtain a monopolistic pattern that guarantees profits. 

Once Fauci proved that all current medications are ineffective against covid, the emergency approval process began. Funding for clinical tests must be approved and then money appropriated. Funding is Fauci’s domain welcome to his spider web. This protocol has been a winning formula in the reign of Fauci. The problem is that big Pharma is the winner, and the paying public is the loser. 

Fauci’s strategy became apparent in the early stage of the Covid pandemic. He endorsed a covid protocol that denied patients treatment. Hospitals were encouraged to send Covid patients home. Why? So they could get sicker and weaker? Those suffering co-modalities, compromised immune systems were accepted into the hospitals much too late to save. Then those covid patients that survived long enough to make it to the hospital were strapped to deadly respirators, prescribed remdesivir, and other feeble attempts to save an already condemned victim. 

Dismiss Real Doctoring

However, some independent doctors, those that honored their Hippocratic Oath, developed a sequence protocol of prescribed inexpensive and non-patented drugs to battle the symptoms of covid. Usage of Ivermectin and chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine produced favorable results. For years these drugs have been used and are listed on the World Health Organization (WHO) essential drug list. Fauci used semantics to slander these drugs. But because of a technicality, there was no clinical trial proof or approval of their effectiveness against covid, Fauci condemned their usage.   

These independent doctors caught the ire of Fauci and his minions. No one goes against a Fauci dictate without impunity. Fauci and his cabal, aided hugely by Donald Trump’s admission of use, discredited the drugs as horse dewormers or used only for malaria and lupus that caused heart rhythm problems. Ignored, in his defamation, was the fact that Trump recovered quickly without any severe symptoms. 

Fauci, his gang of doctors, and mainstream media succeeded in canceling an effective procedure that drastically reduced the symptoms of covid. Fauci deliberately blotched the handling of the covid pandemic. His diabolical proceedings were successful to the hoodwinked public. Fauci then became the gatekeeper to the federal coffers. His big Pharma cronies already had an entry ticket.

$Erika$ – Obtain Emergency Status

Fauci and his shenanigans warranted an emergency for a vaccine against a highly mutant virus with genetic similarities to the common cold. The maestro was ready to conduct another deadly masterpiece. Upon entering into an emergency status, the controls on drug development research lowered. The emergency classification sparked a wild west mentality for vaccine development. Patient health and safety were the first to be compromised. 

King Fauci had the gold needed to distribute, conduct, approve, and assess the clinical trials. He was very comfortable picking the winners and discarding the losers. Apparent is loyalty, not merit, determines what companies are eligible to vie for the patterned jackpot. 

Fauci’s power of the purse makes or breaks companies and individual scientists. Fauci losers are scattered across the medical world, while his cohorts get protection against litigation for damages caused by the vaccines. 

With guaranteed profits, Pharma was able to roll out a vaccine that did not stop the spread, did not prevent the vaccinated from getting covid and did not prove that it lowered the symptoms. Fauci stopped clinical trials prematurely after early signs indicated the vaccine reduced incident levels. Prematurely ending clinical trials hide adverse results. No problem, they would use the public for the final stage of the clinical trials. The public now awaits a fourth booster shot followed by who knows how many more. 

Repeat History

History appears to have repeated, documented in the mishandling of the HIV/AIDS crisis. Again, a corrupted clinical trial allowed an early rollout of AZT, an all-cell killer. His hubris for vaccine immortality and obsession for a magic drug cure against AIDS killed thousands. Nevirapine would be another example of a Fauci-corrupted science.

Control Groups or Controlled Results?

Clinical trials usually involve two groups of volunteers. One group is the control group. The control group or placebo group includes participants who do not receive the drug or treatment instead receive a standard of care or a placebo. The reactions, conditions, and changes between the control group and the experimental group, drugged group, are necessary to determine the effects of the drug/vaccine.

The control group plays a fundamental role in clinical trials as they serve as a baseline for determining the effectiveness of the treatment. Scientifically reliable conclusions are reliant upon control groups. When participants in an experimental group have a better outcome than those in the control group, one might conclude that the intervention has been effective.

For both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, individuals who initially received the placebo, the control group, were subsequently given the vaccine. It is corrupted science. Deliberately destroying the opportunity for long-term follow-up of all health outcomes in those who did not receive the vaccine is diabolic. In others words, Fauci eliminated the control group to get a rushed and untested product. This pollution of clinical trials is a consistent practice in those that Fauci oversees.

Data comparing the unvaccinated group to the vaccinated group is the only scientific method to evaluate the vaccine effects. Fauci is part of an elimination process of the covid unvaccinated control group. Free COVID vaccines for everyone, proof of vaccination as a ticket for admission, mandated by employers, and advertised with federal funds have reduced the unvaccinated control group. This program will not end until the unvaccinated control group gets eliminated. 

Someone with an ounce of cynicism left examined the two existing groups (vaccinated, unvaccinated) the real culprits in this pandemic would be exposed. Proof that validates covid vaccination should be clear from clinical trial results. Both groups get covid, and both groups can spread it. Latest statistics indicate that the vaccinated are getting covid at higher rates. Which group is leading in all-cause mortality? Which group is experiencing higher heart ailment, Bell palsy, new blood disorders, Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), and other modalities? 

Get Up – Stand Up – Don’t Give Up Your Rights (bob marley)

The ignorant will not stray because they follow the shepherd. The meek tend to self-censor and remain silent, concealing their dissent as we totter on the cusp of tyrannic rule. It is alarming that this group chooses to sit down instead of standing up. “Go along to get along” is easy, comfortable, and tempting but immoral. The cynical must be courageous, speak their mind, ask questions, and demand answers for they can initiate change.   

Trust Fauci science? Eliminate the control group, mandatory vaccines, never fully understand the benefits or danger of the product as big Pharma makes huge profits with no liability. Fauci Science! What could go wrong? 


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