# 110 – Dallas Buyers Club – We Need A Sequel!

There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!

Not many statements make me angrier than when the indoctrinated and misinformed bloviate “there is nothing you can do about it.” It is the standard narrative parroted when referencing treatment for covid symptoms. 

In late 2020, the Mexico City government initiative a covid treatment program. Based on worldwide positive results for ivermectin (IVM), the city handed out nearly 200,000 kits that included four IVM pills. The program started in December 2020 when hospitals were overwhelmed with COVID cases spiking.

Residents who tested positive and had mild to moderate symptoms received kits. The city distributed 83,000 kits resulting in a 52% reduction in hospital admissions among those who had received the kits. Later reports indicate a 70% reduction in hospital admissions.

The government spent just under 29.3 million pesos (USD 1.4 million) on 293,000 boxes of IVM. José Antonio Peña Merino, the head of the Mexico City government’s Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP), said in May 2021, “the medical kit was a significant factor in the reduction of hospital admissions and course possible deaths.”  

The Mexico City Health Ministry stated that the distribution of ivermectin to COVID-19 patients was not an experiment. The IVC treatment program, initiated from the recommendation made by a group of expert pulmonologists and infectious disease doctors, took into account the stage of the pandemic, which had claimed the lives of many Mexicans. 

A medical abstract study “to measure the effect of Mexico City’s population-level intervention –an ivermectin-based Medical Kit, in hospitalizations during the COVID-19 pandemic,” resulted in a significant reduction in hospitalizations among patients who received the ivermectin-based medical kit. The range of reduced hospitalization is 52%- 76% depending on model specification. The abstract concluded that “the study supports ivermectin-based interventions to assuage the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the health system.”

IVC is an approved medication in Mexico, used to treat many parasite infections and other diseases with great success. The ministry said that the distribution of ivermectin to ambulatory COVID-19 patients is safe, cheap, and without adverse effects. IVC is also an approved medication in the United States to treat parasite infections and other diseases. Mexico approved the distribution of ivermectin as an ambulatory treatment for covid. The United States does not. Warning! Crossing the Mexican border may reduce hospitalization from covid by 50% – 70%.

Everyone should watch the academy award-winning film Dallas Buyers Club to get a snapshot of the powers that the Fauci cabal uses to ensure the profits of Big Pharma at the expense of the ill. I’m not counting on today’s Hollywood heroes to produce a sequel to Dallas Buyers Club exposing the Fauci cabal’s covid pandemic abuse. Brain fog from mask-wearing and asbestosis from cowering in basements might be more appropriate themes.


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