# 112 – Ukraine – It’s Not A Spectator Sport

War! – Who is it Good For?

Mutual aid, invasion, military operation, call it what you would like. It does not matter innocent civilian victims are killed, maimed, and lives destroyed by armed conflict. Why? Because central governments are evil. It does not matter if they are democracies, monarchs, fascists, dictatorial or socialist they are part of an evil, psychopathic society.

They are not good at balancing budgets, providing health care, education, fighting pandemics, and maintaining infrastructure. However, they are great at starting violent, bloody, and destructive wars. Then when they fail like Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan, they double down on a new one. This year, the Ukraine model might be the last ever. (nuclear war)

What purpose does war serve? To claim more servants to tax. To rally more of those sunshine patriots that cheer as the naive sign up to kill or be killed? The military-industrial complex needs to sell more armament and weapons to keep profits high. Is it just a cheap production of a new network series? After all, it has all the necessary plots; murder, international intrigue, heroes, villains, real special effects, and it has a corporation willing to sponsor it. Maybe it is as simple as determining the biggest bully on the block.

War – A Spectator Sport?

It is not a sporting event where people act like fans and choose a team to root. No, it is more like a cock fight where you root for the death of one roster over the life of another. The point is that the event is inhumane. Most of us are disgusted by the event and stay away. We do not pick a rooster to patronize, lionize or supply weapons.

Unlike governments, we do not attend or scour the earth in pursuit of cock fights. So, why do I see media personalities, Hollywood celebrities, neighbors, family, and friends picking sides? Does it matter who is killing who? Diplomacy stops the killing.

Can You Say – Diplomacy?

Diplomacy is a series of concessions to gain a purpose, a give and take process. Biden has said that Ukraine will not be approved for membership into NATO. And back in 2015, the US officially recognized the Minsk Agreement for the autonomy of the Donbas as part of a peace process. Obama, Trump, and Biden never pressured the Ukrainian leaders to enforce the Minsk agreement. Nor have they ever taken steps to stop NATO expansion into eastern Europe. In reality, they voted to approve NATO membership for Eastern European nations.

Presidential candidate Biden promised a presidency of diplomacy. He has failed. NATO expansion to the east has long been one of the Russian concerns. Biden blew a diplomatic action that would have stopped Russian troops from rolling across the Ukrainian border.

Putin’s Birdseye View

Putin, a former KGB colonel, came to power in 1999 after the disastrous rule of Boris Yeltsin. That same year, Putin watched as America conducted a 78-day bombing campaign on Serbia, the Balkan nation that had historically been a protectorate of Russia. Also that year, three former Warsaw Pact nations, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland, were brought into NATO. Then in 2004, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, and Bulgaria were admitted into NATO. Three of those counties were former republics of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact.

What boogyman are US arms and the NATO alliance protecting these countries? The answer is Russia and Putin would be stupid not to realize that. Last Monday, Putin said that during a Clinton visit to Moscow in 2000. He had asked Bill Clinton about the prospects of Russia joining NATO. Putin would not reveal the actual response but pointed out subsequent US policies like “support of the terrorists in North Caucusus, ignoring Russian demands and concerns, withdrawing from the arms limitation treaties, and so on.”

Last week, Putin said that for eight years, he had tried to bring peace to the Ukraine situation in a way that would keep the breakaway republics as part of Ukraine. Consequently, he has no alternative but to announce Russian recognition of the two republics. He signed mutual aid treaties with both republics. The Russian mutual aid package began by demanding Kyiv immediate stoppage of all hostilities. Otherwise, Putin added, all responsibility for a possible continuation of the bloodshed will be on the consciousness of the regime ruling in Ukraine.

With no response from the Ukrainian military, a Russian version of Shock and Awe ensued. Russian forces decapitated Ukrainian missiles and everything that supported the Ukrainian military forces. They hit the HQ of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stationed in Donbas. This blow to the Ukrainian General Staff severed control of all its troops.

Accusations of a Russian invasion are blaring across mainstream media. Is Putin using recognition of Donetsk and Lugansk as independent republics as an excuse to bolster his peacekeeping forces, or has Russia initiated an invasion? It appears Russian armed forces are doing what Putin defined as a “special military operation (…) aimed at demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine”. I assume his declaration to demilitarize includes neutralizing oppositional military forces. No matter what the excuse, crossing over the border is wrong.

The western media is not asking, Why does Putin feel it necessary to make this move at this particular time? He believes that the Ukrainian government that came to power after the 2014 coup is illegitimate, corrupt, and is a threat to Russia. The U.S.-sponsored coup ousted an elected leader that was very popular in the Donbas.

Ukraine History – Pre-Maidan 2014 Coup

In the 2004 Ukrainian presidential election, Viktor Yanukovych was declared the winner. Later that year, as a result of the Orange Revolution, he was removed from power.

Yanukovych returned to power in 2006 as prime minister in the Alliance of National Unity until snap elections in September 2007 curtailed his power once again. Amid the 2008–09 Ukrainian financial crisis, the Ukrainian economy plunged by 15%, Russia briefly stopped gas supplies to Ukraine in 2006 and 2009.

In 2010, Ukraine needed an experienced leader. Ukrainians elected Viktor Yanukovych president once again with 48% of the votes. It is important to note much of his support came from eastern Ukraine, especially the Donbas provinces.

Maidan Coup

In November 2013, Viktor Yanukovych began moving away from the European Union partnership and chose closer ties with the Russian Federation partnership offer. The European Union and supporters were incensed, protesters went to the streets. The path to the Euro-maidan coup chartered. Fringe groups sided with the pro-European Union protestors. Yanukovych felt threatened enough to flee to Russia. In February of 2014, Ukraine Parliament voted to remove him as president once again and set an election for May to select his replacement.

During the Euromaidan coup, pro-Yanukovych and anti-Maidan protesters took to the streets in the Donbas. They occupied the Donetsk regional state administration (RSA) building for six days. Their protests involved violent clashes between pro-Maidan and anti-Maidan protesters in Donetsk. Separatist groups seizures control over police stations and government buildings in Donetsk and other cities in the Oblast.


Ukrainian transitional president Oleksandr Turchynov launched a full-scale anti-terror military operation to reclaim the Donbas buildings. Ukrainian forces made a series of attacks into the Donbas against the rebels. The Ukrainian government forces blockaded cities throughout the Donbas and continued their anti-terror operation. In April, Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts held referendums to determine their future status. The results established two new republics, Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.

Meanwhile, Petro Poroshenko, running on a pro-European Union platform, won over fifty percent of the presidential vote, therefore not requiring a run-off election. His policies angered the Donbas: he opposed the constitutional protection of Russian as a recognized language in ethnic Russian regions; he intensified Ukrainian nationalism; supported decommunization; and administrative decentralization. All measures further infuriated ethnic Russians living in the Donbas opposed.

Poroshenko immediately launched a War on Terror against Russian-speaking separatists in the Donbas. The civil war has dragged on for years, claiming up to 15,000 lives. His newly installed government empowered neo-Nazi militias and ultra-nationalist factions of the coup. He did little to rebuff western Ukrainian stereotypical beliefs that easterners in the Donbas are a thug culture, a Soviet cesspool, and backward.

Ukraine Today

Today Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a former actor and comedian, has been serving as the president of Ukraine since 2019. Zelinsky promised to end the Ukrainian conflict with Russia as part of his presidential campaign. His attempt to engage in dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his promises to end the war in Donbas have all failed. These squandered promises have resulted in Russian military forces rolling across the Ukraine border.

Ukraine is not a western democracy. I would call it a coup-ocracy controlled by mafioso-type parties, gangs, special interest groups, and US puppets. It is a country that savory characters leverage their power and influence for selfish returns. Ukraine is so unstable that a coup could break out over the weather.

I do not know what the Donbas offers that makes it war-worthy. I do know that after the 2014 coup removed their popularly elected president, Donetsk and Lugansk voted to leave Ukraine. It is called a secession. In a democratic world, some might even call it a declaration for independence. However, in an indentured world, the masters will battle for their property. Remember Abe?


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