# 74 – Where Have You Gone Joe Dimaggio? I mean Biden

Rest assured, the Establishment Mob survived. There was a 4-year hiccup, but those days are over. The Washington elites are back on track and hungry to continue their mission. Over the past several months, the Biden Administration has proven to be a very serious protector of the empire. It leaves little doubt that Washington will continue down its power politics road toward domestic and international supremacy.

Recently, Biden threatened Putin with a “pay a price” card. Not your run-of-the-mill Teddy Roosevelt advice to speak softly and carry a big stick. Biden’s nasty warning based upon an intelligence report claiming that it has evidence that indicated the Russian government “likely” ordered attempts to influence the 2020 elections. Naturally, the public cannot see this “rock solid” proof of Russiagate #2 evidence. Who knows they may even dust off the old gang of; Mueller, Comey, Brennan, and Clapper to substantiate the evidence.

Candidate Biden promised his administration would dedicate their efforts to restoring dignity and decorum in U.S. foreign relations. However, Biden has shown little regard for his promise. When he described President Putin as a “killer” and having “no soul,” he quite frankly tarnished any integrity he has left.

These statements are willful actions that will worsen relations with Russia. Our leaders: the President, Secretary of State, and National Security Council have reignited conflict with Russia, ramped up aggression with China, ignored a peace treaty in Afghanistan, refused to re-enter into the JCPOA treaty, and have continued to pursue regime change policies in Syria, Iran, and Venezuela.

The Washington game plan marches on; the Bush’s, the Clinton’s, Obama, Trump or Biden it is contiguous. Even with our 4-years, democratic, built-in regime change pageant, the beast does not stop. Biden’s threatening language, continued sanctions, and displays of military readiness hasten the pace toward confrontational actions. The current administration seems to be very comfortable being the new bully in town.

I prefer the average Joe, cowering in his basement, masked candidate Biden, to my drunk Uncle Joe ranting at the holiday table.


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