#75 – The Greatest Show on Earth

President Joe Biden ends many of his speeches with his heartfelt line: “May God protect our troops.” The newest con-man has arrived in Washington, not unlike those of the past. They set the bait, throw the hook, and catch the fish, a simple and effective plan.

A tool used to sniff out a veteran scammer is critical analysis. However, the ability to think critically has been so depleted we cannot distinguish between severe seasonal flu and the bubonic plague. The Department of Education does not have any critical thought courses included in the indoctrination curriculum. Cancel culture has destroyed discourse, and woke-ism now defined allowable commentary.

Do you remember the mainstream media? The purveyor of information; the source for commentary on proceedings and operations within Washington; the means to expose views from alternate policies; the access for the opposition to demand that decision-makers defend their stance; forget it, they are AWOL. They either omitted or de-platform most of the disserting criticism.

The Executive sets the bait with some cute little one-liner, “May God protect our troops.” The media casts the hook across their captive audience, and the game is on. The viewers get the full Hollywood version of reality; great visuals, intense sound with just the right touch of American Exceptionalism. The media completes this imperial scam with their carefully crafted culture of pageantry patriotism.

Like shooting fish in a barrel, the analytics on Washington policy may have gone belly up, but it is entertaining. My fellow Americans are the victims of this old and terrible ruse. Tragically, this scam has worked like a charm ever since Washington entered into the Imperialism game, “Remember the Maine?”

The critical question generated by Biden’s obligatory verbiage is: protect them from what?
Answer: from being put in harm’s way.

What harm? The harm created by having military personnel in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq; eight hundred-plus overseas bases; special operations forces in dozens of countries to combat threats of international terrorism; armed drones flying over at least nine countries; covert operations ongoing on at least three continents; cruel sanctions on people and states all over the World.

Most of the World believes that America is the greatest threat to their futures. Yes, these are the actions that our President is asking God to sanction.

The next logical question is who is responsible for putting the troops in harm’s way?
Answer: the President of the United States. Yes, President Joe Biden, you have the power to stop these endless stupid wars and the other associated violence.

Joe, maybe you should append your tag to “May God protect our troops on their journey back home to the States.”


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