#119 – Germany – The Times They Are A Changing

The World has two camps: 1.) the U.S. and the NATO-centered West, and 2.) the emerging Eurasian coalition: a Cold War exists between a U.S.-dollar-centered economy and a multipolar, multi-currency world centered in Eurasia, primarily Russia and China, with Germany caught in the middle. Germany has been receptive to U.S. financing, technology, oil, and food exports and has followed U.S. policy dutifully. The Dylan song titled: The-Times-They-Are-A-Changing sums up the German dilemma.

Washington calls it a battle between democracy and autocracy, the Orwellian translation of democracy is all its allied Western oligarchies that are subservient to the U.S. hijacked economic plan. Governments that make decisions compelled by U.S. persuasion; and become enslaved by Wall Street, the International Monetary Fund, and World Bank. 

Autocracies are those countries resisting a financial takeover. These countries promote their domestic economic growth and living standards, keeping finance and banking as sovereign entities. Many of these autocracies have raised living standards by avoiding the financial centers under U.S. control.

Germany, the European most advanced industrial nation, is also the country that has suffered the most from this conflict. German industry depends upon Russian gas, oil, and metals. Nord-Stream 1, and Nord-Stream 2 pipelines, were built to supply Germany with lower-priced Russian gas. However, under the rules of the New Cold War, Germany was instructed to cut itself off from Russian gas. The 26 September 2022 explosion eliminated any choice. 

The recently discovered, It’s Done, text message from the U.K. ex-Prime Minister Liz Truss iPhone to U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken, sent minutes after the explosions, suggests collusion that harmed Germany. For their hardship, Blinken encouraged Germany to replace low-priced Russian pipeline gas with high-priced U.S. LNG gas. A direction that would require Germany to spend over $5 billion to increase port capacity to handle LNG tankers. 

U.S.-led Anti-Russian sanctions have been, in reality, anti-German sanctions. The German industry has been rendered uncompetitive. Bankruptcies will spread, employment will decline, and increased depression and falling living standards seem imminent. Germany eventually will not subordinate its industry and living standards in favor of U.S. self-interest. Germany has voluntarily gone along with imposed sanctions on Russia. 

There comes a time when nations will act in their interest. Otherwise, they will be satellite countries, not in control of their fate. Berlin is broke: “An era of headwinds is beginning for Germany – difficult, difficult years are coming for us. Germany is in the deepest crisis since reunification.” The EU is fragile and unable to help Kyiv anymore without harming its population. The EU countries are on the verge of a catastrophic energy crisis. 

So, what option does Chancellor Olaf Scholz have? Three simple words, Go To China, and that is what they did. Scholz and company went to Beijing. Essentially to begin preparatory steps for working out a peace deal with Russia. A Chinese messenger released, “Olaf Scholz, accompanied on this trip by German industrialists who control Germany and are not going to sit back watching themselves destroyed.”

Berlin and Moscow have kept a communication back channel open via business interlocutors. The Germans would benefit from the Chinese BRI trade/connectivity terminal planned for Germany’s Ruhr Valley. If the Scholz trip is successful, Germany, China, and Russia may ally to weaken the U.S. control in Europe. Is this trip the start of a process of eventually replacing the U.S. with China as a key ally? 

Will Washington accept that it is longer the World’s unipolar power? Will it continually overplay its hand, mistreat its allies, and pushes its targets and victims together?


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