#120 – President Biden’s – “Citadel Of Democracy”

The Citadel

According to President Biden, Washington is a citadel. Citadel is a very peculiar choice of words. I am confused because according to dictionary definitions, citadels are buildings associated with war, used to protect during battles.

If Washington is a fortress, a castle where people can shelter, who is on the inside? Who are on the outside? Is Washington hunkering down for war? Or is there a war that we are not aware of?

Inside the Citadel

The man that promised to heal and come together appears not to be offering the other cheek. No, he is in full battle gear, ready for the mega MAGA onslaught. Joe, no doubt, did not write the speech he just read it. That is what the Presidency has become, the mouthpiece for the Executive Branch.

Lurking behind the Republican and Democrat parties is the real power in Washington. This power is not political party based. It is an inherited power metastasized in layers of bureaucratic sediment. One does not earn this power one inherits it. It gets passed from family member to family member. You can read it in their resumes; same Ivy League schools, think tanks; private clubs, vacation homes, inter-family marriages. It is an oligarchy U.S. style.

Most refer to it as the Deep State, but that definition does not do justice. It is a uni-party bureaucratic machine. It includes an ensemble of indoctrinated political hacks, parasitical. Included but not limited are politicians, corporate CEOs, bankers, Wall Street, military brass, expert elites, and status quo authorities.

They slide in and out of the citadel of democracy from the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), Big Pharma, Big Tech, the Education Cathedral, and Wall Street. They feed from the public troth provided by us taxpayers. These non-elected bureaucrats devour our sovereignty and wealth with no remorse. Some of their tactics include kickbacks, corporate welfare, foreign lobbies, insider trading, and pay-to-play schemes. These are the vermin that occupy the citadel.

Outside The Citadel

We are the skeptics that question their propaganda, misinformation, and mal-information. We are the conspiracy theorists, right-wing nuts, racists, science deniers, Putin puppets, Trump idiots, or any other derogatory connotation they invent. When people revolt against the status quo, they go into full panic mode. We saw it up close when they upgraded the January 6th protest to a full-blown insurrection. The first insurrection in world history in which the participants forgot to bring weapons.

We witnessed the critics of the Covid lockdown called killers as the social justice-compliant herd was allowed to riot and loot because it was for a good cause. Those that refused to be injected with a Government funded, RNA experimental drug vaccine were fired simply for refusing to submit to an untested vaccine forced upon them, and their lives changed.

Today as the threat of a nuclear war is bantered about, they expect us to believe their Ukraine narrative. They claim that a peaceful rule-based democracy was innocent of provoking a Russian invasion. It is a false narrative. The Ukraine government forces had declared war on the Donbas and Luhansk separatists. The Ukrainian military forces had murdered 13,000, mostly ethnic Russians, and were building up to invade before the Russians pre-empted.

Peace in Ukraine, they lied. Washington has been working hard to scuttle peace talks to prolong a proxy war aimed at weakening Russia and the regime of Putin. They continue to support a war that produces the death of innocent civilians and the destruction of a country. Their support includes the billions of dollars transferred from the earnings of the U.S. to the MIC coffers. It means nothing to these lunatics. Why would it? It is the same money that pays their salaries.

The War

Written words, audio, and video publications that questioned or challenged the government narratives around COVID-19, the Afghanistan withdrawal, Ukraine funding, and elections get canceled. They construct oxymoronic word salads to hide the reality of their clampdown. The Intercept recently reported that the 2001 Patriot Act ushered in a new government-approved level of censorship. Their intelligence agencies began coordinating, with social media platforms, to shut down speech.

For over 20 years, government agencies have been monitoring and censoring U.S. citizens. The United States has lost its status as a republic. It is a security state. Led by those inside the citadel, those that lie, censor, spy, and deceive all for our protection? The Citadel Mentality prospers in Washington. Those on the inside are at war with anyone that questions or criticizes their narratives.


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